Given the complexity of their creative and economic goals, the needs of artists, cultural institutions, and galleries could not be more varied.

The Artist Service Network offers relevant support for every situation: from supervising an exhibition project to the set up of a functioning studio, from creating or revising an artwork database system to the provision of expert opinions or assistance investigating the need for restoration.

Is it vital to seek legal advice? Do you require an architect or project manager? Are there sensitive transport or specialist print services required?

Do you lack reliable office assistance, are you looking for PR strategy advice, or do you need help searching for a commissioned work, or a tailored music programme including rights clearance?

For artists new to this town, we are offering relocation settling-in support, so you can go straight to work.

Our extensive network and expertise are founded upon years of experience in studio and project management for internationally renowned artists, and we guarantee the absolute highest level of quality and discretion on two levels: if we ourselves can’t help, the Artist Service Network provides access to our carefully curated collective of creative professionals in every realm.

Together we provide perfect solutions, delivered with outstanding expertise, for any problems arising in the arts and culture fields.

Making sure, you can focus on the things that really matter.